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HOLE #1                Par 4      337m    
The approach to the green is the tough shot on this hole so it is important to find the fairway off the tee, stay clear of the bunkers. Good club selection for the approach shot is important as there is no depth to the green and you are left with a very challenging chip and putt if you do not find the putting surface. Treat this hole with respect.

HOLE #2                Par 4      342m
Find the fairway off the tee to get control of your approach shot, the green slopes severely from back to front so try and leave your ball short and right of the pin placement for an easier putt. Approaching from the rough will make it very difficult to stop your ball short of the flag. 

HOLE #3                Par 3      175m
A challenging par 3 with a hazard running down the left hand side of the hole. The green slopes to the left and a little from front to back requiring a shot to land in the front half of the green if you want to have a birdie putt.

HOLE #4                Par 4      298m    
A challenging tee shot over a hazard to a sloping fairway that is between out of bounds on the right and a hazard on the left. Long hitters can get to the green with a favourable wind otherwise play for position with a hybrid or fairway wood. Shorter hitters can lay-up on the fairway short of the hazard.  The second shot is uphill to a small green with space on the right. The flag appears closer than it is so trust your yardage when playing your approach shot.

HOLE #5                Par 4      373m
The tee shot is a little uphill; avoid the left hand fairway bunker by laying up short or hit over it if you feel confident you have the length to carry the high lip of the bunker.  The approach shot to the raised green requires more club than one thinks and you will not have a long putt if you stop your ball in the middle of the green, be aware of the large bunker on the left side of the green.

HOLE #6                Par 4      411m
There is a hazard all the way down the right side of this long challenging par 4. Nothing but your longest and straightest tee shot is required to set yourself up for a par. The fairway bunkers are very penalising and the greenside bunkers are some of the deepest at Kingswood. Miss the green to the right and you will finish in the hazard and do not think the challenge is over if your approach shot finds the green – two putts on this green is often very acceptable.

HOLE #7                Par 5      550m
Three shots are required to get to the green on this long par 5 except for the biggest of hitters. Good course management is required to avoid the bunkers and watch out for the hazard all the way up the right hand side of the fairway. It is important to get your yardage right for your approach shot to this green, as it is one of the longest in South Africa. Correct club selection could be the difference between a 2m or 50m putt.

HOLE #8                Par 4      432m
The longest par 4 at Kingswood, avoid the fairway bunkers if you want to reach the green in two. A long iron or hybrid will be required for the second shot to the large green. Lay-up to the right and give yourself an easy pitch shot if you are unable to reach the green with your second shot. The bunker to the left of the green will stop your ball running down the hill but it is a very difficult bunker to make an up and down out of for your save.

HOLE #9                Par 3      171m
Reading the wind and club selection are vital if you want to get your tee shot close to the flag on this raised green. The bunkers are well below the putting surface so should be avoided at all costs and too much club will leave you with a tough chip back onto the green. The green slopes from right to left and a par is always a good score on this tough par three.

HOLE #10              Par 5      452m
Avoid the fairway bunkers off the tee and you may reach the green in two. Beware of the bunker in the middle of the fairway when playing your second and a hazard is well positioned to catch any approach shot that is hit too far right. A deep bunker on the left of this raised green will leave you with a challenging shot so a three shot strategy may be a smart choice. 

HOLE #11              Par 3      192m
The green on this challenging par 3 slopes from back to front and right to left so a fade is the ideal tee shot. Take the wind and elevation into account when choosing your club because it is quite easy to hit your tee shot long, which would leave you with a very difficult chip and putt.

HOLE #12              Par 5      493m
The bunker in the distance is your target on this reachable par 5, favour the right hand side and the bank will kick the ball back towards the fairway, the ground falls away left of the fairway and your ball could go out of bounds.  A lay-up short of the bunkers will leave you with a wedge to this green that slopes from left to right.

HOLE #13              Par 4      396m
Finding the bunkers with your tee shot will make it very difficult to reach the green in two on this challenging par 4. The raised green is quite long so club selection is important but you will have an easier putt if you leave your approach short of the hole. There is only one greenside bunker, which is to the left of the green.

HOLE #14              Par 4      373m
This dogleg right par 4 is a dangerous hole for the longer hitters because there is trouble left and right for the wayward tee shot. Play conservatively off the tee and you will have a short iron for your approach shot to a green that slopes from back to front. Distance control is important because the bunkers guarding the front of the green are very deep and going long leaves you with a very difficult chip shot.

HOLE #15              Par 3      184m
Beware the wind on this medium length par 3; it is often stronger than you think resulting in many tee shots landing short of the green so club selection and ball flight are important. Going over the green will leave you with a very delicate chip shot as the green slopes from back to front.

HOLE #16              Par 5      457m
This short par five gives the longer hitter an opportunity to go for the green in two. The fairway bunkers are fairly deep but a wedge out will still leave you with a short to mid iron for your third. The second shot is uphill so allow extra club to carry the bunker, which is short of the green. Try to keep your approach shot short of the flag to avoid a very tricky downhill putt.

HOLE #17              Par 4      312m
Beware this short par 4. You will have a better chance of making par or better hitting a full wedge into the green than attempting to drive the green, which will bring the bunkers into play or leave you with a difficult chip shot to a raised green. This green is small and shallow with a fair amount of slope so distance control is vital. 

HOLE #18              Par 4      338m
Playing short of the fairway bunkers will leave you with a short iron approach, however, if you attempt to carry the bunkers you must be aware of the water hazard to the right of the fairway and green as it comes into play if you hit the ball slightly right.  Make sure you carry the ridge in the middle of the green when the pin is in the back half of the green otherwise you are left with a long difficult putt.